Webinar: Programmatic Advertising – what you need to know

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In this webinar interview with Michael Petersen, CEO Pivotus, Kym delved into the oft misunderstood world of programmatic advertising.

With the recent announcement of third-party cookies going away, there’s some consternation about the end of display advertising. But programmatic advertising just needs to shift and be mindful of how we target the audience. So in this webinar, we’ll go through the basics of what programmatic advertising is and how you can best utilise this in your mix.

In this webinar, she provided the info you need, sharing knowledge, practical tips with the wonderful humour and warmth that Michael brings to the fore.

This interview-style webinar covered:

1. What Programmatic buying is in real language – and where it fits for the marketing team
2. The top 5 things you need to know about this
3. The different types of media you can buy programmatically
4. Examples of best practice and advice on how to manage the creative vs media spend
5. The impact the loss of cookies means to programmatic buying

Watch the webinar here.

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