Whilst working with Engine group, develop brand proposition, logo and tagline for new F&B manufacturing precinct.

Develop brand name, logo and proposition for Australian-first, purpose-built food and beverage manufacturing precinct to be located at the Sunshine Coast Airport. The challenge was to develop the new brand from the ground up including positioning, name, logo, tagline & corporate ID.

As part of the Engine group team, spearheaded in-depth interviews with stakeholders and full day workshop including development of the brand architecture and brand personality to help reveal the nuances that would help create this innovative brand; creative briefing and liaison across creative teams to develop suite of shortlisted names and creative options for the client to select from; Engine’s creative team then developed the final logo mark in order to deliver the final corporate ID document.


Develop a brand identity – name and logo mark – that positions this new precinct as Australia’s first circular economy Food & Beverage manufacturing ‘hub’, positioning it as the epicentre for innovation, and allows for a platform that future communications about the project can build upon.


To create a brand positioning that embodies the unique ecosystem and culture within the DNA of this organisation that will allow it to truly differentiate it from other ‘manufacturing hubs’ such that it becomes recognised globally as the leaders for innovation in Food and Beverages and circular economy and to become the blueprint internationally for others to build something similar, trailblazing the way businesses collaborate in the future.


Through the delivery of an insightful creative brief, the Engine creative team developed a clever play on the fact the precinct is based at the Sunshine Coast Airport and that this is a collaborative space where ideas take flight. The use of the turquoise/mint blue main brand colour gives a nod to the region but also creates an inviting, soothing feeling that promotes the notion of collaboration and harmony (which is also why lower case has been selected in the rounded font). The logo mark represents both the turbine forward motion but also the interconnectivity you get when true collaboration is achieved.

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Through the strategic insights and the creative work delivered by the Engine team, the program was given the strong brand foundations it required to be seen as a viable and credible business venture, resulting in receiving significant funding to allow the project to proceed from vision to reality.

$8.78 million has been committed towards the development of the Turbine Precinct – Australia’s first purpose built, end-to-end food and beverage manufacturing and education precinct – unlocking growth, accelerating innovation and creating a national blueprint for collaborative manufacturing. The vision of the Turbine Precinct is to create a blueprint for the future of Australian food and beverage manufacturing, where industry, research, government and education and training providers collectively unlock growth and drive innovation. Planning is underway for the Turbine Precinct, which is due to commence operations later in 2023. Stage 1 will have a focus on beverage manufacturing, with an anticipated stage 2 on advanced food manufacturing.

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