Marketing consultancy engaged for product rebrand from iTrack to Navigate

Responsible for brand workshop, brand proposition, brand name development, logo development, pack design and sourcing, development of ‘quick reference guide’, development of 3-tier price structure, and launch plans.


To rebrand the flagship product line, iTrack to a name that better represents the functionality and fits with the new company brand proposition. Our job was to rebrand and relaunch this product line whilst maintaining its approachable nature that is so integral to the current brand offer. We created the new brand name, its logo, and identified the need for the development of physical packaging for the product range. We developed and sourced new packaging for the product including a ‘quick reference guide’ manual that the target market could not only connect and engage with but feel confident that the product met their purchase expectations. 


Ensure the new product name fits within the brand architecture and develop a 3-tier pricing strategy to increase purchase potential. Create a better emotional connection with the key target market (government management) through both the brand name and packaging. Create a new brand device and pack design that represents their position in the market and provides the opportunity to better connect with the target market.

Gain acceptance and endorsement from industry professionals through a dedicated marketing plan.


New brand name and logo design created through comprehensive workshop which helped identify the core values, visual language and tone of voice.

Hinged tin pack with adhesive label creates a truly individual design for Navigate.  

 Navigate box

Developed motion graphic for sales team to better present to potential clients.
To view the animation, click here > Navigate by Lighthouse
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Two major new clients have purchased Navigate as a direct result of the branding and marketing work we implemented – the client is ecstatic.